Back to Basics

We’re back!! The long, cold winter here in Utah finally looks like it is coming to an end. Spring is in the air and we are getting back into our weeekend adventures hitting all of our favorite spots. Our first real camping trip of the year was down to Canyonlands. It felt so good to be back outside soaking up the sun and hitting trails like Aztec Butte and Murpheys Trail in the Island in the Sky District. What we love about Canyonlands is how vast and massive this National Park is. It is so spread out and there is so much to do and see that we try to go somewhere different each time we visit. If you are planning to go to this area and only have a few days we would suggest to concentrate on a single area at a time and see everything you can. There are layers upon layers and endless canyons to explore.

At the beginning of winter we were so concerned that the weather would stop us from getting outside and seeing our favorite places, but despite the snowy weather we still made sure we got several trips in to Canyonlands, Arches, and the SanRafael Swell.  Even though the weather didn’t always cooperate and one time we had to wait out a huge rainstorm under a cliff and then hike out soaking wet, it was definitely worth it to get out and make some lasting memories and walk away with funny stories when things didn’t go as planned.  With all our many trips one thing we have learned is that you can’t make a detailed plan or depend on pperfect weather, you just have to adapt and get out and go.

Now that winter is behind us and summer is almost here we are so excited to discover as many new places as we can. Does anyone have any cool ideas of places we need to see?

36 thoughts on “Back to Basics

  1. Oh Melanie and Todd, I am inspired by the two of you and your sense of adventure and beauty of nature! 🙂

    I was just looking at photos from Avenue of the Giants. It’s such a gorgeous place, if you haven’t been there. Eureka has a half marathon that I was considering….. Anyway that comes to my heart in response to your question.

    Blessings to you both — lovely to connect, Debbie

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    1. It was definitely still chilly! It was 30-40s at night, but during the day it got so warm! One day we were hiking in the 70s and it was amazing! The desert can be crazy weather this time of year by how drastically and fast it changes!

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  2. Good for you guys to go camping already. Must still be pretty chilly. We went to Yosemite two weekends ago and really wanted to camp with the dog we are currently sitting, but the temps at night were still in the thirties, so we chickened out and had to find accommodation outside the park (no pets allowed in lodgings inside).

    So looking forward to warmer weather, so we can go camping again as well. Even in Northern California it has been so rainy and chilly this winter. Have fun in your favorite parks!

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    1. Yes it was pretty cold at night still! We may have pushed it a little by camping already but we were so glad we got out! During the day it was gorgeous and warm (despite a few rain storms here and there.) we can’t wait until it’s a little warmer and we can enjoy the warm nights and sitting under the stars without layers of coats! Summer is getting so close! We’re glad you’re still reading our blog! It’s been so long since we’ve made a post and had anything to blog about! Lol… here’s to more adventures for all of us!


  3. Nice to see you back out on the trail. Love Utah. Daughter and I hope to get in a tent camping/hiking trip to Zion in May. It’s been years since I was last there and hope the weather will be mostly agreeable.

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  4. All of that looks absolutely beautiful. You’re super lucky you get to travel. Ah I wish I could strap on a backpack and just set on foot if that’s the least I can do. But I’ll just vicariously live through y’all. I just found your blog and I love this. Have a great day xD

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  5. We were on a short trip in Utah earlier this month. Lots of amazing things to see! If you don’t already have “Photographing the Southwest: Volume 1 – A guide to the natural landmarks of southern Utah”. you should check it out. It includes details on hikes and drives to great places for pictures.

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