The Hunt

One of my favorite traditions we started years ago was going to the mountains and chopping down our own Christmas Tree the day after Thanksgiving. I practically count down the days until we can get our tree every year, and seeing as Thanksgiving was late this year - it felt like I had to wait forever!


While we love to get out and about and explore the world around us, we also just love the times we get to be home! We live in the prettiest state surrounded by mountains, so we try to take advantage of some of the amazing places near by, and just enjoy our summer nights in our back yard ๐Ÿ™‚ The sunflowers covering the fields around us this time of year are my favorite!


Spring in Utah has been a rainy wet one! While that has made it a little trickier to plan camping trips with a one year old, itโ€™s made the scenery completely beautiful and soย soย green! In years past it has felt like we have gone directly from a freezing cold winter, toย aย hot dry summer.ย Soย we loved finally being able to enjoy an actual spring with the fresh dewy air and green mountains and landscapes for a change.ย 


It's the Fourth of July weekend and definitely one of our favorite weekends of the year!! For us, the Fourth of July always involves: fireworks, barbecues, and getting outside. Today we decided that we would try and beat the heat with an early morning hike up the back side of Timpanogos Mountain.